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Textile planting system


Urban garden planting system unites the advandtages hydro-culture offers with those of conventional planting using planting soil.

The textile planting containers are composed of a sturdy, coated textile outer skin and a watertight inner sack with integrated drainage felt. The inner sack is filled with expanded clay granulate that prevents waterlogging and releases an even amount of moisture. The drainage felt accommodates the plant including the root ball. The result is a notable réduction in watering. They don’t need additional saucers.

They are low maintenance, their inner system guarantees long term watering of all conventional plants. This makes Urban garden suitable for all indoors plants, such as herbs, flowers and house plants, including those that were already planted in conventional soil.

Plant sack can be placed on the floor, tables, window sills…

They are available in four sizes for différent kinds of plants and little trees

Plant bags are suspended from walls, ceilings and all types of bars, hooks, eyelets, beams and railings…

Several bags scan be suitably combined as planted walls

Available in three sizes


Designer : Patrick Nadeau  // Producer : Authentics // © images : Authentics










Design : Patrick Nadeau