Temporary Store Installation for a fashion brand


The carrousel and the weeping willow

Temporary store installation for a fashion brand at the Milano Salone del mobile 2013


When entering the space, the visitor arrives in a place out of time, a kind of isolated haven in the bustle of the fair. It’s like a clearing in the heart of the Brocéliande forest, famous for its legends of the King Arthur, the magician Merlin and Morgan le Fay. It may also refer to the realm of Tinkerbell and her sisters. A cool, soothing and enchanting oasis where fashion brand products mingle with vegetation. We could hear a soundtrack mixing birdsongs and crystal chimes.

Grouped in groves in this clearing, a delicate and airy vegetation, head down to strengthen the enchantment, grows and hangs on tubular structures. The proposed installation has two different facilities: the first one evoke an old carousel, a sort of motionless chairoplane and the second a protector weeping willow.

These two main groves are supports to enhance and display the garments and accessories of the brand and offer the visitor to enter and to experiment them from inside.

1 / The carousel with its planted ceiling, like a cloud of plants, seems to float a few centimeters off the ground. It evokes the world of childhood and play while providing a structure that is both natural and delicate. It is surrounded by a hedge of white poles of three different diameters. These thin columns hold pegs, secured by leather straps, where raw wood hangers for clothes cling. They also support shelves where folded clothes, accessories and magazines can be laid. The visitor must find one of the two access to enter the heart of the carousel. There the central column, made of upside down pots of asparagus plumosus, is ringed by a circular shelf, where the jewels are exhibited as precious treasures.

2 / The hanger evoking a weeping willow – maybe the silhouette of a fairy of the forest ? Each branch bears a crinoline, a light bell-shaped frame covered with tillandsia usneoides ‘silver ghost’ (also called spanish moss), a silvery gray-green plant close to orchids. An emblematic garment of the collection can be hanged under each crinoline. The hooks holding the bells, as for the carousel, are maintained by a soft and tactile leather strap. At the foot of the trunk, low and fluffy seats welcome the vistor to lie under the bells to rest, relax or simply enjoy the view of the hanging plants upon him, like under a tree in summer.


Title: The carrousel and the weeping willow (project) // Design: Patrick Nadeau // Client: International fashion brand (not disclosed) // Location: Milan during Salon del mobile 2013 // © images: Colin Sayetta 
















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